Saturday, 27 March 2021 at 18:00

Wellbeing Day by the Golden Lion Sounds Record Label.

6 pm - Drum Machine.
Presented by Aid Todd of What is Drum CIC. He'll discuss the Drum Machine Practice and his new project off shoots, like singing, art space and music venue.

7 pm - Live Sound Bath.
From the new Healing entrepreneur
Tabatha, followed by a talk about her new venture.

8 pm - DJ Rick Nicholls from Brain Machine Radio.
He'll take you on the journey of ambient music combined with visuals from IMPATV.

We are sure you'll enjoy the staying in night on our service. As it's no budget support for this event, if you want to make a donation to keep support us pls donated via Paypal goldenlionsounds@gmail.com or shopping our merch: www.goldenlionsounds.com